Capstone in Digital Media Arts

Capstone in Digital Media Arts
Undergraduate ARTS course (advanced level, liberal).

The digital media arts capstone course provides students with the opportunity to integrate their academic studies in a culminating project of personal and professional interest within the field of digital media arts. This project should demonstrate proficiency and skill in theory and practice and, in the process, take students to a higher level of competency in their area of interest. Capstone project processes and progress will be presented by the student in bi-weekly blog posts, with the culminating project itself published in the student’s choice of online environment. A final reflection will provide a detailed summary of the student’s learning.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create an capstone digital media arts project from concept through publication, and present the project in a web-accessible format.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency and skill in theory and practice, and reach a higher level of competency the chosen area of interest.
  3. Curate a blog and provide bi-weekly blog posts about project processes and progress, with a final reflection summarizing learning in the study.

Prerequisites: Digital Art and Design, Advanced or the equivalent and/or Digital Storytelling or the equivalent and/or Media Arts or the equivalent, along with other advanced digital media arts courses in the student’s degree plan.