Undergraduate ARTS course (advanced level, liberal).

Ethnomusicology broadly defined is the study of local, regional, national and global music cultures. This course covers historical to contemporary practices in the field, with a focus on techniques and methods for investigating music cultures in context. We’ll critically examine issues of interpretation and representation raised in writings by major thinkers in the field, and discuss ethical considerations. You’ll engage in reading, discussion, bibliographic research, and ethnographic fieldwork in your local community or online. You may focus course assignments on a particular musical style or culture, culminating in a research or creative project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically examine historical and theoretical approaches, methods and practices for investigating music cultures;
  • Discuss ethical considerations and issues of interpretation and representation raised in the writing, research and methods of leading ethnomusicologists;
  • Apply bibliographic research and ethnographic fieldwork to the analysis of a local or online music culture and produce a research or creative project.

Preparation for advanced level reading, research, and writing. A music appreciation or music history course, or the equivalent. Music Across Cultures or the equivalent.