Western Theatrical Dance

Western Theatrical Dance
Undergraduate ARTS course (advanced level, liberal).

This study focuses on classical ballet, modern and/or jazz dance within studio and concert based practice. The student will attend weekly ballet, modern, and/or jazz dance classes at a local studio, and develop one or more Western Theatrical Dance techniques while concentrating on body alignment, technical accuracy, increased movement vocabulary, and performance quality. The student will analyze and self-assess progress through weekly learning journal writings, with a focus on personal artistic and technical growth. The student will also demonstrate critical awareness of the aesthetics of western theatrical dance genres by viewing and critiquing classical and contemporary dance performances.

Learning Outcomes (3 outcomes):

  • Through weekly classwork and learning journal entries, demonstrate a clear understanding of Western Theatrical Dance technique and terminology, and the ability to perform and analyze challenging barre and center combinations with the appropriate qualitative aspects of movement and spatial clarity.
  • Demonstrate an expanded critical awareness of the aesthetics of classical ballet, modern, and/or jazz dance in learning journal entries, and by viewing and critiquing classical and contemporary performances, culminating in a written dance review.
  • Understand the importance of self-discipline, self-motivation, setting learning goals and reflective analysis in the development of dance technique and overall performance skills, as reflected in the weekly journal writings.

Prerequisites: Preparation for advanced level reading, research, and writing. Introductory to intermediate level in ballet, modern or jazz technique.