Digital Media Arts and Technologies

Digital Media Arts and Technologies
MA.LET course (graduate level).

Digital photo drawing by © okalinichenko - Licensed and used with permission.
Digital photo drawing by © okalinichenko – Licensed and used with permission.

This interdisciplinary project-based course applies theoretical learning in digital media arts and technologies to individualized projects that incorporate at least one arts-based technology. Students will have the opportunity to develop their unique aesthetic vision and technical expertise while experimenting with new forms, within the framework of arts-based learning and research. They will design, implement, build, install, program and/or perform for an audience/viewer/learner within the context of their choice, whether this is within mixed media installations, virtual worlds, a live simulcast, or other digital distribution systems.The primary course project will be threaded throughout the course, including processes such as a proposal, storyboard, script, rough cut/dry run, and refined project. The course will include a critical analysis of aesthetic, ethical, social and professional considerations. Students will be expected to use social media, web 2.0 tools, and emerging media environments for course communications and research.

The course is divided into 5 Modules of 3 Week duration each, as follows:

  • Module 1: Visual Arts (weeks 1-3)
  • Module 2: Dance and Theater (weeks 4-6)
  • Module 3: Film/Video (weeks 7-9)
  • Module 4: Music/Sound (weeks 10-12)
  • Module 5: 3D Games & Animation (weeks 13-15).