MA.LET Proposal Seminar

Proposal Seminar
MA.LET course (graduate level).

This is the first of two required courses leading to the completion of your final Master’s project for the Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies (MA.LET). In this first course, you will come up with a topic, do a comprehensive literature review of the research and scholarly work related to your topic, ¬†and develop a detailed academic proposal for either a capstone project or a research thesis. If you are using human subjects in your research, regardless of the project type, you will need to complete and submit a formal IRB request. The second required course, which follows next term, is your Final Project course, in which you will complete the project proposed in this Proposal Seminar.

Course Goals and Learning Outcomes:

-Select a topic for a capstone (project based) or thesis based Master’s research project that would make a scholarly contribution to the field.
-Complete a comprehensive literature review of prior research and scholarly publication in your topic.
-Define the scope of the capstone or thesis project, which must be completed with one 15 week term.
-Identify research methodology and framework appropriate to the type of project proposed.
-Identify primary and secondary faculty readers.
-Complete a formal academic project proposal as per capstone and thesis requirements. Include official IBR request if using research on human subjects.

MA.LET Program Goal:
Conduct original research projects both individually and in collaborative faculty-student teams in order to expand knowledge in the field.